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Services Available Include
Bookkeeping | Accounting and Taxation | VAT | PAYE and CIS
Forms and Correspondence | HM Revenue and Customs Investigations
New Business Setup

Bookkeeping:  An “out of office” bookkeeping service is available on an “as needed” basis, this could be once a month or more depending on the level of service required. 

We can set up a clear, comprehensive and up to date bookkeeping system for you to ensure that whatever records you are keeping are compliant for HMRC and your yearly accounts.

Accounting and Taxation:  These are available for all types of businesses including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. 

We specialise in preparing annual accounts and completing tax returns.  Self assessment tax return completion includes gathering information, completion of accounts and tax calculation sheets. 

A comprehensive review and explanation of both the accounts and the tax return is necessary before submission to ensure you are in total agreement with the final figures.  The tax return can then be sent electronically and is then acknowledged by the revenue. 

You can also authorise us to act directly for you online in all areas with HMRC so we can access your personal taxation details or other information easily and quickly so ensuring we are both kept up to date.

VAT:  Our VAT service includes registration, quarterly calculations and returns and help with VAT enquiries.  We can either complete your  VAT calculation and return in our office or at yours using our “out of office” service. 

The same service is also available for ROI VAT calculations and returns. 

We can research for you any complex VAT issues that may arise and are available to answer any VAT related questions you may have no matter how difficult or straightforward they may seem.

PAYE and CIS:  All your payroll and CIS needs can be met professionally and accurately in our office.  We can advise you on your exact needs and can clearly and concisely explain the procedures surrounding the PAYE/NIC/CIS system and what your role as an employer is. 

We can operate from our office a weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly and/or monthly payroll system depending on your needs and issue payslips accordingly which can be posted or e-mailed to you. 

As well as calculating standard payments/deductions, we can also calculate statutory payments, pension contributions and student loans. 

We can run your month end returns efficiently and on time so your PAYE/NIC/CIS payments can be made within the deadlines set by HMRC.  All Year end processing and returns can be done from our office also to comply with deadlines and so avoid any late submission penalties. 

We keep fully aware for you of any statutory and legislative changes regarding this area e.g. national minimum wage increase and we can also answer any queries regarding payroll from both your employees and relevant government or other institutions.

Forms and Correspondence:  We are available to help you fill in forms including tax credits, rate rebates, all benefits, student forms and farm (SFP).

HM Revenue and Customs Investigations:  We can liaison with you and the investigator in any enquiries that may arise with the Revenue in tax, VAT and PAYE.

New Business Setup:  We are able to advise and guide you on your new business start up.  At the initial consultation your business will be thoroughly discussed and understood so a review of your needs  can be assessed.  This is a free, no commitment consultation and will be carried out in an informal relaxed atmosphere. 

Should you do decide to use us as your accountants/advisors, we can go through and file all the necessary paperwork to get you up and running.

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